My Schizophrenic Blog

I've been looking over my blog and have realized that it is all over the place.
I blog about Josie and crafts and recipes. I blog about foster care and adoption and vacations we take.
At this point, I'm just not sure where I want to focus.
I've contemplated changing the name, since our "Journey to Josie" was over quite awhile ago.
And since we are about to start a new Journey to someone entirely different.

But for now, I don't have a steady topic to focus on.

I follow a ton of blogs that all seem so organized.
They know what their purpose is and they stick to it.

But that just isn't my life.
Right now, things are random, up in the air, and all over the place.

So I guess I will keep posting random nothingness that I feel like blogging about and just not worry about the fact that you never know what you'll get when you stop by.


Betsy said...

I really enjoy your random blog...so just keep blogging.

Kameron said...

I think if your blog is about your life then you have the right to talk about anything you wish! I think all of the random posts are nice and give a rounded view into who you are. I enjoy reading, but that's just this girl's humble opinion. :o)

JStantonChandler said...

Random posts are what makes a life blog a life blog! I love reading what's going on in people's lives! It gives the reader a well-rounded idea of who the writer is as a person.

And I love the new Josie picture at the top! Gorgeous :)


Ashley said...

Please don't tell me that blogs have to be organized! Oops! My blog is totally schizo too then so don't feel alone. lol ;) I love your random blog, keep it up!

Amber said...

life is random!

bri said...

Just blog away honey!! I am just as random and there is no way to get un random for me. So reading your blog is fun for me and I don't feel like you are looking over my shoulder making sure I read it in an organized manner! haha
love your blog!