Finally Some Progress

After about a month of zero progress, Mr. Terry has been hard at work on the pool all week!
I know it still doesn't look quite like a pool, but I remember when our house look like this:And before we knew it we were moving in!
Mr. Terry was trying to explain all the fancy features he is adding, including a waterfall that you jump into from the changing area. I don't get it, but I am sure it will be great!
And I can't tell you how excited I am that he is doing a changing room so that I don't have wet friends running through my house!
He added a rock boarder to my Butterfly Garden too.I want this area overflowing with fragrant flowers that attract butterflies and humming birds. Anyone have any suggestions???

Today the cement is getting poured as long as this rain holds off!


Kameron said...

Your pool should be done just in time for summer to be over! Luckily it lasts a while in Atlanta!