ABC's and 123's

I've decided that I want a little more structure to our days now that JP is here with us all week.

Andrew and I are 100% going to home school Josie. It just makes the most sense for our family's schedule and lifestyle.

We've also decided that we are going to wait until she is about six or seven before we start structured learning.

Until then, we are going to do child led learning, a form of Unschooling. where we will teach her the things that she shows interest in.

But JP will be starting Pre-K next Fall so I thought it might be good to work with him on the basic letters, number, shapes, and days of the week stuff.

I found this website. about a year ago and plan to use it as my guide.
It's nothing intense and pretty basic, but for a girl like me who has never taught anyone anything I feel better having a guide!

I'm most excited about heading out to The Schoolbox on Monday to get a calendar and some flashcards for our little "school" area in the playroom!

I'm going to post our learning activity plan every Sunday and any art projects that I decide to try with them.

Does anyone have any suggestions for teaching a 2 and 3 year old?


Kameron said...

For Natey I have a Melissa and Doug wooden puzzle with the alphabet on it. Each letter has a picture on it and I take all of the pieces out and hand him one at a time. I ask him what the picture is, what letter it is and ask him where it goes. After he puts them all back we sing the ABC song.

It must work pretty well because we were driving home the other day and passed a florist that had the word Bloom in the window. Natey piped up and said, "That's 2 O's mommy!"

Amber said...

Keep it short! I taught 2 & 3 year olds when I worked at the day care. Anything that takes longer than 10 minutes will not hold their attention. If you need to, break any lessons or art projects up. Good luck!

Sarah Goddard said...

Gonna keep checking up for you tips on this one!! I have been talking about starting something that this with Logan for when he turns 2!! We already are working on hi abc's and 123's I have some flashcards that go through and we sing the abc's to him all time and try to count when doing anything like walking up or down our stairs and things that like!! Excited to see how things go with your activities and stuff I am going to check out that website that you posted also!!