Potty Training Update

Josie is doing great at potty training.
We spent a day last week with just undies and she had 3 accidents, but went in the potty about 5 times. A few of those were even her telling me she had to go.
I decided to just have her go bottomless yesterday and she did awesome! Not one accident. I guess there's something about the undies that reminds her of a diaper.
We hav a busy week this week and then we have a bunch of family from Minnesota coming into town the next week so I'm not sure how much training we will do.
I do think that if I could get a free week she would have it down in no time.


Kameron said...

I tried the bottomless thing and made the mistake of putting Natey on my bed. Yep, he peed right on my bed. He did say uh oh after he did it, so at least he realized! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Have a Potty Party when you are done.
I did this with my now 7 year old.
I told her once she learned we would have her a party. She was excited about that so she picked up the training fast.

I invited all her friends & even had a cake.