Olivia Kate's Shower

This past weekend was packed full of parties!
Saturday was Amber's baby shower for Olivia Kate! I can't believe she only has 8 weeks left!

I have known what I wanted to make her for two months but kept putting it off. I did manage to get it done in time and loved the way it all turned out!
Olivia Kate already has a TON of clothes so I decided to make something a little different.
I did a tutu with a skirt under it to protect her precious little soft baby skin and a onsie with her monogram on it.
I thought my monogram letters were hot pink so I was pretty sad when I found out they were white. You couldn't even see them.
Then Amy came over and she had some fabric markers so I colored them in with brown and I loved the way it turned out!
I forgot to take a picture of the finished onsie so this is as close as we're getting.
And I couldn't resist doing a Waffle House onsie like Josie's! It was a huge hit!

Have you ever seen so many gifts?!?!
Josie spent the morning glued to Amber's side. I am surprised they got any pictures without Josie in them!See? There's her little head right next to Amber!Look how cute her cake was!I don't know if anyone actually ate the baby, but I heard it was edible!
Josie ate a ton of fondant:And Matalie dreamed of when she could eat it too!We love you Amber and can't wait to kiss Little Miss Olivia Kate!


Amber said...

Awww..Thanks! I love y'all too! Thanks for all y'all have done for me! I truly appreciate it all! Everyone was talking about the waffle house onesies the whole weekend. I think it was the biggest hit!

Oh...the baby is still around if you want to come and eat her!