Keeping Her Southern

In effort to keep Josie equally Northern and Southern, Andrew is teaching her how to make biscuits.I handle the Northern lessons by teaching her how to make bars, pronounce "baggie" with a long A sound, and talking as fast as possible.The finished product was delish. Uneven, messy, and a bit sloppy, but delish none the less!


JStantonChandler said...

Mmmm biscuits! Josie is getting great lessons on both sides of the "border"!

Happy weekend!

Crystal said...

Hope you saved some for me..LOL!

Cunz Family said...

Everyone at work tells me I talk to fast..and they tease me on how I pronounce some words too! Baggie with the long A...love it.

Kameron said...

She will be a good mix of the both of you!!