Extreme Home Makeover - Olivia Kate Edition!

Yesterday we all got up and headed over to Amber's to paint the nursery for little Olivia Kate who is due to arrive on September 21st.

I would show you a before picture, but Amber pretty much had the room done by the time we got there at 10 AM!

The nursery colors are pink, green, and brown. She did the top pink, the bottom green, and is going to do a big fat stripe of brown around the middle.

She is really crafty and has already painted up a bunch of accents for the room. They weren't all ready yet so we didn't actually get to put the whole room together. I will post some pictures when she does!

I just love seeing a nursery all ready for a new baby!
Sheena is expecting baby Cruz at the end of November. We're having her nursery painting party next week!Since Amber had already done most of the work inside, we went ahead and started working on redoing the dresser and shelf.Josie and I sanded it down and then we all painted it an antique white. They needed a second coat, but were looking gorgeous when we left.Since we did it during the week, we all had our kids with us.

I know Amber's excited about having Olivia, but after spending the day with three arguing toddlers and and a new baby, she may decide to stop at just the one!

For the most part they were all really well behaved. Especially since we didn't leave until about two hours past nap time.Luke, Josie, and JP all crashed on the way back to our house and slept for about 3 hours!

Next weekend I'll have all the pictures of Julian's new Train Room and Baby Cruz's new nursery!


Crystal said...

Looks cute! Show us the final project when it's done please! I love looking at nurseries!

Saw this and thought of this post. (read it earlier) Don't know if anything will be helpful but thought I would pass it along. http://lifestyle.msn.com/your-home/room-design/staticslideshowrb.aspx?cp-documentid=20548331&GT1=32001

bri said...

So fun! I cannot wait to see the finished nurseries. So fun to see a new look on a room!

Kameron said...

Yes, you need ot post pics when it is all done. I am having a dilema on how I want to do the nursery. i told myself if I was having a boy I would leave it the same, but since it's a girl, I want to do something completely different.