Baffles! Reveiw

When we were at Whole Foods last week a clerk gave Josie a bag of Baffle's to test out.
Since they were free I thought I would do a review of them for you all (as if you care what my opinion is!).
As you can see, Josie was quite excited about trying out her new treat!
We got the cinnamon and she loved them! I thought they were a little spicy, kind of like those Red Hot candies.
They are a high grain baked snack. They look like small popcorn balls and have the texture of rice crispies!
I tried to get a picture of the ingredients, but couldn't get a clear focus.
One thing love about Whole Foods is that they don't sell any products that aren't "All Natural" so I don't have to spend my entire trip reading labels, so I wasn't really worried about what the list was.
I will for sure buy these again although I won't buy the cinnamon. I think we're going to pick up the chocolate ones next!


Crystal said...

LOL, love Josie's face! She looks super excited!

Kameron said...

My friend works for a small company called Pirate's Booty. They make rice and corn puff snacks that are all natural. Our favorite are the white cheddar. Try them out if you can find them. They are delicious!