Where You'll Find Me

The pool in Andrew's parent's neighborhood finally opened on Thursday so you can bet your bottom dollar that Amy and I were there bright and early Friday!
It is gorgeous!
And perfect for the kiddos.
It has two parts, one for adults and one for kids. The kid part is huge and a zero entry so that it feels like a beach. The deepest it gets in the main section is 2 feet so the babies were free to swim and crawl and splash all they wanted! Or drown their baby dolls as my daughter prefers.
And as Uncle Baby Shiggins is demonstrating, the kiddie area is perfect for laying out in 100 degree Georgia heat since you can actually lay in the water!We had a blast.

I am dying to get back there! Look how happy we are.
Sun, tanning oil, and happy babies?!?! Doesn't get much better then that!Unless you factor in the nap factor of playing in a pool all day:Now I know it doesn't get any better then that!