Same Kind of Different As Me

I am taking Josie and JP to the movies this morning. We need to be out the door in 45 minutes, but instead of getting out of my pajamas or waking up my sweetie pie, I have got to tell you about the last book I read.

I finished The Same Kind Of Different As Me in three days. It was so good.
I'm not exactly sure what about the story reeled me in, but I loved it and it inspired me to get back on track with reaching out to the people who need it most.

I know I can't do the book justice in a paragraph review but it is basically about a rich white husband and wife who have made it big time in the art dealing business. The wife is not into all the materialistic things that come with being well off and feels that the Lord is calling her to serve at the homeless mission in the city.
They start off volunteering once a week and that turns into a full on ministry.
The story is about the husband reaching out to one hard to reach homeless man who was raised as a modern day slave.
The things they teach each other and the way the family accepts the man, Denver, into their own family is heartwarming.
The story has a lot of ups and downs. And it's a true story.
I love true stories.
I guess I liked it because it was real.

Andrew and I used to go feed the homeless at least a few times a year.
We'd get a big group of people, usually the kids in the youth group, and spend the morning making bagged lunches and decorating the bags with Scripture.
Then we'd head downtown to the parks where we knew the homeless made their home and hand them all out.
We'd talk with them and pray for them.
I was always scared and usually stood back a ways watching the girls to make sure they were safe.

After reading this book, I wonder how many opportunities I missed to impact someones life.

Or to have them impact mine.

I am now pumped up to get back out there and actually get involved this time.

I highly recommend this book. It was an easy read that really shows the importance of reaching out to people.

Even the ones you don't really want to.


Crystal said...

I need some new reading material so I am going to pick this one up! It sounds like a great book. Thanks for sharing!

Enjoy the movie!

Together We Save said...

Sounds like a wonderful book. Thanks for sharing.

bri said...

Thanks for the insight! Sounds like a wonderful book! I love true stories, especially when they have to do with rich people that don't act above everyone else and actually love on those who are not as fortunate!

We have a ministry here at our church that does a dinner called "the feast" every friday night that the "homeless, or hurting" come to to eat and fellowship and get ministered to. There is always someone standing to tell their story/ testimony of God's goodness!!! So amazing. I still have yet to go serve. But really I want to.

Jodi Hughes said...

Thank you for posting a review of “Same Kind of Different as Me.” I work with Thomas Nelson, and we would love to follow your blog and hear what readers think of this exciting book. I also want to let you know that Ron and Denver have just released a new book “What Difference Do It Make?” which updates readers on their activity since the last book came out. Please contact me if you are interested in receiving a complimentary copy of the new book for review on your site.


Jodi Hughes