Extreme Makeover Toy Room Edition!!

About four months ago I walked into Josie's playroom and decided that it was not very playful at all.

I started to dream about bright colors that would inspire imaginations.
I designed different centers in my mind that would grow with her.
I made list after list of the supplies that I would need.

And last week, when I had my Mom captive, we began the Great Playroom Transformation!

The playroom is the bonus room above our garage. It's a big room that is shaped like a big ole rectangle.
It sat empty for awhile, then it was a bedroom for a couple foster babies, and last Summer it became the playroom.

Here are some shots of the room before:
It didn't have any storage so all the toys were lined up against the wall and the entire room was void of color.

Not any more!
We painted the walls with the paint that I found for $3 on clearance at Walmart. I have no idea what it is called, but I love it.
We also painted the ceilings (twice!) with Benjamin Moore's "Airy". Its a very light blue.
This corner is going to be the play "house" area. Right now it just has her babies high chair, baby bed, and the $3 table that I redid in it.
I am going to move her kitchen up there and paint a fake window on the wall this Fall.
My Mom bought us the toy storage shelf and it is amazing!
I decided to anchor it coming out of the wall instead of against it to create different areas in the room.The other side of the toy shelf has the puzzles and the felt board that I made.
This felt board was so easy to make and cost me about $2.
So far it has been the crowd favorite of the whole room. I am going to make a bunch of different scenes for it when I get my craft on again.This is the reading area.
And Josie calls this her "couch".
She watches movies on it.
I have a few more hand towels that I am going to make into pillow so that the whole back of it will be super comfy.And my favorite part of the room is the Dress Up area.
I found this mirror in the attic and just repainted it.
I added the verse, "You were fearfully and wonderfully made," to the top of it.
I am going to store all of her dress up clothes in an old suitcase once I find one and I plan on buying some different costumes after Halloween.Andrew's desk got a makeover too!
We spray painted it bright yellow and reattached the fabric that is the color scheme for the whole room.
It's messy so I just took a quick shot of it. I am so in love with this room.
I walk into it about a hundred times a day just to look at it.
I still have about 10 projects to finish before it will be complete, but it is already so playful. And I love that it will grow with her.
Thanks Mom for all your help! It really is a little girls dream playroom!


Cunz Family said...

That is the cutest room ever! Love it!

Crystal said...

It looks great! Love the wall color!

bri said...

so fun and creative N! I am loving to see others getting creative seeing that I cannot at this time!

Another solution for the dress up clothes, if you come across some, are hat boxes! They are great and less heavy and less awkward than a suitcase. I just thought about that when I saw your idea for a suitcase. I have a couple hat boxes (large and small) and they would do great for clothing and accessories! Just something to consider when out and about. ESPECIALLY ANTIQUE SHOPS OR SECOND HAND PLACES! :) and you could mod podge (sp?) fun traveling stickers/stamps on them. :) Inspiration takes hold! hahaha sorry.