There Goes The Bride!

Andrew and I got engaged the first time (yes there was more then one time!) in 2000.
We had just met 6 months before, but we knew it was meant to be.

He wrote me a song and performed it on stage, with a full band, in front of about 400 teenagers at summer camp.
At which I was technically a camper since I was in 12th grade.

I said yes and began planning my extravagant dream wedding pretty much 10 seconds later.
I went out and bought my princess dress, for $400, and hid it away in a closet where Andrew wouldn't be able to see it.

You know, for luck and all.

About 2 months later, Andrew had a bought of temporary insanity and broke off our engagement, leaving me with a broken heart and a huge wedding dress.

Fast forward one year and we were back together.

When he mentioned that he thought we should get married, I wasted no time putting a wedding together.
This time I managed to whip a wedding together in a matter of a few weeks.

You know, so he wouldn't have time to change his mind again!

Needless to say, my impromptu wedding was much more casual then the original plans (you'll have to wait till June to get that whole story!) so I ended up wearing an awesome dress that I got at Banana Republic instead of my wedding dress.

That dress has moved with us to 4 different houses, always hidden in a closet so that Andrew couldn't see it.

Bad luck and all.

So now I'm trying to gather up some money to do a few home improvement projects and have decided that I am more then ready to part with my dream of a princess wedding and sell my dress.

But not before I tried it on!

Oh yeah! 9 years later and I've still got it!The tags are still attached and like I said, it has only been worn the day I bought it and then this morning. It is a size 8, but I think that is a little misleading.
I am 5'4" and about 120 pounds. I wear a size 2 in women's clothes and the dress fits me perfect (other then being a little too long.Man I look strange without a head.

The only detail on it are these beaded flowers across the bust line. It's simple and I loved it!It has a train in the back that can be hooked up to be a shorter dress.As you can see, it could us some ironing!I am asking $200 for it, but if your interested and that is out of your price range I can try to work with you.

And I figured, while I'm cleaning out my closets of all things wedding related, why not sell this bridesmaids dress?
This one is a size 2 and it was a bit snug. AKA - I couldn't zip it all the way up!
It's not all bridemaidsy so you could wear it on a cruise or to a cocktail party type event. Something I am 100% sure isn't in my future!I would sell this one for whatever someone was feeling like paying.
I'm a little bitter that it doesn't fit anymore, so it just has to go!

I know that there is a slim to none chance that anyone is looking for these kinds of dresses in these sizes, but if you are, let me know!


Amber said...

I think you should get your hair done and go have some bridal pictures taken. At least, I would do something crazy like that.

And getting rid of the cocktail dress? I thought you were going to wear it to the waffle house Christmas party this year ;)

Kameron said...

I would put them on Craig's list or Ebay. I think You will have a much bigger audience on there! That is awesome that you can still fit into your dress! Even if I wasn't pregnant right now I couldn't fit into mine. I am keeping it though and I WILL fit back in to it after I have this baby!!