Back To The Earth

Ever since Karmen was here we have gotten seriously lacks about what we eat.
We've been eating out more and eating fast food (yuck!).

And since there was no way I was venturing to Atlanta with two babies, one of which cried from the moment her bottom hit the car seat until it was removed, I wasn't able to shop at Whole Foods.

So I started shopping at Publix. And I liked it, for a while.
I was able to use more coupons and there buy one get one free deals are ah-maz-ing!
But the organic choices are SO much more expensive there then Whole Foods and the variety wasn't very big.

And then I noticed that we were eating a lot more snack foods then we did before. Empty, no good, prepackaged snack foods.

Our budget is the same whether we shop at Whole Foods or the Piggly Wiggly so I used to steer clear of prepackaged snack foods that are so much more expensive.
Most of our snacking was fruit and veggies with dips or cheese or yogurt.

I hate that Josie asks for chips and candy now.

I can't remember the last time I bit into a big ole organic apple.

So this week I am headed back to Whole Foods and I am so excited! I like knowing where my food comes from. And since we are focused on paying off all our debt, it really is our only luxery item right now.

I also want to start researching healthy living stuff again. I'll try to share what I learn.

Now to kick this nasty Coke habit...


Crystal said...

You might want to say Coca Cola habit....hahaha! Kidding, Nicole!

Glad you feel better about getting back on track with your food!

Kameron said...

We go through phases where we don't make it to the market on the weekend and end up eating out. I hate the way I feel and the options they have for kids when you eat out. Why is every item on a kids menu fried or full of fat? Good luck at Whole Foods!