Show Me Where You Live - Dining Rooms!

We love our dining room.
We eat here at least once a day, but usually all three meals.
The windows look into what should be our front yard, but is really more like our backyard.

It's a long story.

Well, not really.
We were going to make a new driveway so we faced our house towards the woods. All the fancy (and expensive) rock was put on that side.
Then we found out that our new driveway was more like a deathtrap roller coaster then a driveway, so we decided to just use the old one.
Hence the backwards house. Josie has been playing musical chairs since Karmen left.
Sometimes she sits here:

Sometimes she sits here:And sometimes she sits in a big girl chair.
I got this iron piece at an antique store for $5. Oh yea!The trim work in this room is my absolute favorite feature of our house. It's grand and almost overkill, but I love it!Andrew and I just decided to start doing a family devotional at the dinner table about a month ago.
We read a Bible story from Josie's Bible book and then she starts to eat while we read one from our Bible.
We bought this book at Publix about a year ago and it is the best that I've seen. It totally keeps her attention.The illustrations are fun and all the stories are rhymes. Oh how I love when Blogger rotates my pictures and won't flip them back....

And last, but not least, here is Josie's dining room.
Looks like she had wooden carrots for lunch!


Frugal Jen said...

Love all the molding too! You have a beautiful house.

Kether said...

Wow! what a view! and the trim work is amazing. Looks like a beautiful, but more importantly loving, home!

Thanks for inviting me in!

Betsy said...

What is the name of that Bible? I would love to get the boys one.