Our Trip To Red Top Mountain...

Amy and I decided to start our vacation a day early.
But this vacation was just us.

No kids, No husbands, No time limits!

The plan was to get up early, drop the kids at their grandparents houses, and get on the road before 9 AM.
Our destination, North Point Mall for some serious, diaper free shopping.
North Point Mall has pretty much every store that we love. And it's gorgeous, unlike the malls around our house. So when her Mama told us it was only an hour north we put our plans in action.

After getting a bit of a late start thanks to Matalie protesting that we were leaving her behind, we stopped my Grammy and Poppy's to get directions.
Mistake number one.

When he said to take 75 to 400 we both said, "75? Are you sure you don't mean 85?"
But he was sure it was 75.

When we saw signs for Delk Road with no hint of 400 in sight we called him again, "Are you sure it's 75?"

So we kept driving.

We talked about everything under the sun while drinking our larger then life Starbucks.
But when we saw signs for Rome Georgia, we started to get a little nervous.

And when we got to the mile marker telling us that we were exactly 70 miles from Chattanooga, we decided to give them another call.

Amy's mom promptly told us that it was 85 that we needed to take to 400, not 75.
Thanks Poppy.

After getting strange looks from the lovely, but slightly less likely to be shopping at North Point, people of Red Top Mountain, we finally got directions from the Red Bull delivery guys.

Turns out we weren't too far off course, only about 30 minutes.
SO what should have been an hour drive, turned into about two and a half, but we made it.
And to make up for lost time, we decided it was more then OK to indulge in a little more fuel in the form of another Starbucks stop.

We were doing fine until we walked into Forever 21.
The loud music, the shelves overstocked with awful 80's clothes, and the bright colors all put us into sensory overload.
Amy thought she was on a bad trip and I couldn't stop spouting off random facts or laughing at an absurd volume.
Amy is a wimp, so she dropped out of the Starbucks marathon and made me drink mine and hers.
I'm a pro though, so I was up to the challenge.
We ended up with some sweet new clothes, none of which are acid washed.

I learned a great lesson on our little adventure.
Turns out you don't make memories going the right way, but by getting lost.
And there's nobody I would have rather been lost with yesterday.

But let's not get lost on the way to Savannah today Ames.
Four hours in a car with all three kids is going to be more then enough.


Kameron said...

I can't remember the last time I had a child free shopping experience! Kudos to you! And I get your surprse at Forever 21. Somehow I find I can't shop at the stores I used to as they are all for highschoolers and much trendier dressers than I am now! I'm so never wearing leg warmers again people!

Tutti said...

Every grown woman needs a friend like you to go shopping with because it can make you feel like you're SO OUTDATED! The stuff there is worth it though because whenever I shop there I feel like my whole wardrobe has been UPDATED.