The Girl Can Cook.

Having a professional chef as a friend defiantly has it's perks!
After basically kicking the Waffle House Girls out of our house Saturday night, we rushed over the Aaron and Sheena's and got there just in time for some awesome chicken skewers, baked potatoes, and grilled corn on the cob.
I won't even go into how good the dessert was!Both these cute women are pregnant! Could they be any cuter?!?! I swear I have the most fertile friends ever. I think at least one of them has been pregnant for the past two years straight!

While we talked for hours in the most gorgeous weather, these two cuties had the first swim of the Summer.Andrew and David were both able to get out of drawer change at the stores, so we got to stay out way past bedtime!
I love that Julian and Josie play so great together. Makes get togethers way less stressful!Even if they are getting into mischief together!Thanks for having us over guys, and sorry about being a little more then fashionably late!

We are leaving for vacation on Tuesday, bright and early! I am not sure if we will have Internet unless I talk Amy into bringing her laptop.
So if she doesn't we will be back Friday night, all tan and delicious!