Gotta Share The Good Ones.

It's a well known fact around this ole blog that I am still learning how to cook.
I love being in the kitchen and I love coming up with ideas about what to eat. It's the execution that I kinda stink at.
I take short cuts, make weird substitutions if I don't have all the ingredients, and I try to mix stuff without using the right amount of dishes.
So when I get one right, when it's really good, when even Josie eats her entire plate, I know I have got to share it!

It is pretty much the easiest thing in the World and way cheap, both right up my alley!

I took the idea from the new Kraft cookbook and then made some subsitutions and compromises since I totally forgot to pick up skewers.

I don't have exact measurements since I wasn't aware that it would be so yummy!

- Sirloin or some sort of steak (I just got what was on sale)
- 4 red potatoes
- 1/2 an onion
- 4 carots
- Ranch dressing
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Just cut up your veggies into chunks and throw them on a baking sheet. Sprinkle with olive oil and just use your hands to mix them up so that they are all covered with the oil.
Next cut up your meat into chunks. Pile it up on the cutting board and squirt on some ranch dressing. Mix it all up with your hands to cover all of the meat with the dressing.
Then just layer the meat on top of your veggies on the baking sheet.
Throw it in the oven at 450 degrees for about half an hour.
I knew mine was done when the veggies were tender.

We dipped it in ranch or ketchup.

It was delish!

And only a cutting board, baking pan, and knife to wash!

I seriously ate three bowl. Next time I will double it because I am sure it would be good the next day for a quick lunch!

Hope you enjoy!