Games Whose Names Shall Not Be Mentioned

While we were all sitting around the living room on Sunday night, Jeremy started talking about some games that had some pretty vulgar names here to referred to as "The Games Whose Names Shall Not Be Mentioned".
We all teased him until he made Andrew go upstairs and Google them to prove that they were, in fact, actual games.
I'm still waiting for all the pop ups that are sure to come with Googleing the names.

As crazy as they sounded, it sparked all our interest.
So when David and Andrew got off work on Monday we all headed over to the O'Pry's to try our hands at The Games Whose Names Shall Not Be Mentioned.Turns out the Games Whose Names Shall Not Be Mentioned are real, with equipment and everything.
And really fun!And the Mabrey's rocked at this one.
Pretty sure they practiced sometime between the Googleing and the game playing!It's been rainy and overcast for a whole week so Josie was in Heaven getting to play outside all afternoon.She thought that The Games Whose Names Shall Not Be Mentioned were amazing.
She laughed and clapped after every turn!Daddy wasn't so great at the Games Whose Names Shall Not Be Mentioned.I swear she likes David!In fact, she kept calling him Elmo and we all know how she feels about her beloved Elmo.

I think Josie was giving Mama Mabrey some mothering tips.How cute is Amber?!?!
Little Olivia Kate will be here in September!The Games Whose Names Shall Not Be Mentioned got a little crazy after that.
I ended up taking Josie out to play in the driveway while the guys played.
Let's just say that I am nursing Andrew back to health and a lot of black coffee was required this morning!
Josie, Amber and I had fun hanging out. Josie got to have her first non-juice drink since I forgot to bring her enough juice.She was pretty pleased with herself.

Don't ask me the names of the Games Whose Names Shall Not Be Mentioned. It's a family blog!


Cunz Family said...

Ive heard that game called so many things! I call it Polish Horse shoes, others call it polish golf, balls on a bedpost....I think I played that game every day of my senior year of college...probably why I had to go another semester to get my degree :)

Anonymous said...

In our family we call that one "ladder ball" or "ladder golf" in order to protect little ones and any other sensibilities that would be upset. It has about a 100 wildly inappropriate names and a few for mass marketing (like "Blongo Ball").