Amy Is An Old Fogey

We had a little shindig last night to celebrate the start of Summer and the birth of Amers.

I seriously think we have the greatest group of friends ever. Everyone just fits.

Even the kiddos are becoming the best of friends.
Josie is huge on playing Mommy right now. And while her baby dolls are usually glued to her side, a real live baby is even better!
She takes the paci out then shoves it back in. Matalie is often a victim of this game as well. This may sound strange, but I love that they guys usually end up doing something separate from the girls for the first couple hours.
It gives us time to catch up on all the gooey details of each others lives without any burps or farts interrupting us!

Not that any of our husbands would ever do that!

Last night the guys wound up playing a mean game of mini golf in our yard. In face, David brought his clubs and didn't even come inside until dinner was ready!
They eventually moved on to some poker, which somehow turned into a full on football game. After which all the guys were panting and sweaty and a little more aware that they aren't in high school anymore!We just did our usual burgers, fries, and beans!
Thankfully Amy's Mama brought her AMAZING buffalo chicken dip.
I could live on that stuff..
Amy is in fact, not an old fogey.
She is actually the youngest of the group by at least a year.

Last year for her birthday, Tiffany and I took her out downtown and we met up with some of Amy's other friends. (I know!! What is she thinking having other friends!?!?!)
On the way there I mentioned something about her turning 26 only to find out that she was mearly 23.

Sweet Lord, she's just a baby!

We felt like chaperone's the rest of the night!

I made her a homemade ice cream cake that was to die for!
I actually thanked the Good Lord Above that there were some leftovers for me to munch on today.
Recipe to follow!
Kids played, women talked, guys goofed off.This is Amy trying to kill a flying bug after consuming half a bottle of birthday wine.
I'm not telling who drank the other half. Let's just say it's kinda nice being the only other non pregnant or nursing woman in the group!
She scuffed up my walls for a good five minutes and the buy didn't suffer a single blow.
I later killed the same bug with a single swat of a used diaper.
I know who holds their wine best in this group! The guys ended up joining us and we laughed and talked until way past all of our bedtimes.

I went to bed loving my life and all the people God put in it.

Especially our Birthday Girl. Today it's off to the O'Pry's for more cookout and some questionably named games.

I'm pretty sure I will be swearing off red meat after all the burgers we've consumed this weekend!

I have been pining Andrew to let me splurge on a big Mac Daddy camera, but he isn't giving in. He did inform me that we have the full Photoshop Suite on our computer and that I should play around with my pictures on that to see what I can do.
Hopefully I can get a bit of fanciness on this here bloggy sooner rather then later.
Some of my pictures are dark and blurry and just plain sad looking.


Amber said...

We had a blast last night! We love everyone too!!!