With An Oink Oink Here...

The farm is growing again!
But don't worry Darlene, they aren't staying!
Although I kind of wish they would!
Look how cute these baby Potbellied Pigs are! These Mama pigs don't mess around though. As soon as we start walking over to the pen they all round up the babies and stand gaurd around them.
If these pigs were chasing me, I think I would just lay down and die.
They give some mean faces!
And we can't go see the piggy's without seeing the goats.
Josie kept wanting to kiss this one.
Gross. Seriously gross.
One things for sure, our kid will know her farm animals!


bri said...

BELIEVE me you would definitely want to lay down and die if they were after you! We had a HUGE potbellied pig at my grandmother's house and this thing (along with the MEAN rooster and torturous turkey) used to gang up on me and chase me around the house!

I was terrified of those things for a while!

Harmless you say; HA!