Little Karmen

Here she is, Little Miss Karmen: But she's not so little!
She's a whopping 20.8 pounds! Just one pound shy of our Josie Kat!
We picked her up around 12.
She came with a million toys, a box of clothes that wrecked of smoke, and two gallon sized baggies of medicine.
We took her to the doctor to have her checked out since she was sounding really congested. He put her on a breathing treatment for a few days and an antibiotic for an ear infection.
As for the bags of medicine, the doctor said they were all unnecessary. So we tossed them.
We are washing all her clothes and hoping that a smoke free environment will clear up the congestion.
She has been refusing the bottle all day, but downed 2 jars of baby food as soon as we got home.
Josie is doing awesome.
She thinks karm is her own real live babydoll. No big sharing issues yet except for the royal fit she threw when we tried to bathe Karmen in Josie's tub!
More pictures later!


Cunz Family said...

Oh man she's a cutie! Tommy was a little chublet like that when he was little!

bri said...

Oh she is so beautiful! She is going to look great in your style!

praying that everything continues to go smoothly!

Kelli said...

She looks so sweet! I know that she is in wonderful hands. I'm glad Josie is adjusting well!

Betsy said...

What a little precious! Simply adorable. I bet she starts eating better when she gets to feeling better. How did the first night go?

Brooke said...

She is such a cutie! Good news that Josie is adjusting well so far :) Can't wait for pics of both of them.

Kayla said...

too cute! can't wait to meet her!

Lani said...

she is adorable! What an amazing opportunity you are giving the baby, the mother and of course Josie!

QuEEn oF tHe cAstLe said...

Praying all is well. SO, what's it like with 2??!?!?!?