She Is...

Boxed Juice, not Juice Boxes.
Ring Aroung the Rosies,
And "Opps, I fell doowwnn!"

Playdough squisher
Gingerbread Boy Maker
Poot noises and rock thrower.

Furrowed eyebrows and "Mommy, me scared"
23 pounds of, "NO! My toys!"

A Julian caller and Luke follower arounder.

Owner of Daddy
Kisser of Mommy

A certain backpack just for Nanny's.
Finger nail painter,
Baby Stroller Pusher.

Tomboy Princess and tree house owner.
Learning ABC's, but not very quickly.
Pee Pee on the pottier, but still in diapers.

Pacifier sucker.
"Baby Be Happy!"er.

Breath taker awayer.

Make my heart flutter-er.My 26 Month Old Beauty.


bri said...

You put it in such sweet words! I know it is how your heart feels and we can all see that!

She is absolutely Beautiful!!!

OH and an FYI... You were commenter no 8 on Tia's blog for the hairbows... hahaha just to let you know. I was totally kidding with my comment and she knew that and there were some extra comments that didn't "count".