Karmen's Visit

Little Karmen's visit went really well yesterday.

It felt like a drug deal though.
They have me bring her to the back door of DFCS, which is in an alley, to do the trade off.

Her Mom wasn't there yet so the caseworker took her back the the play room. She screamed bloody murder when I handed her over and it broke my heart.

I remember Josie having the same reaction every time we walked in to DFCS. I guess even at that age, you remember things like that.

Both the parents showed up, along with the grandparents. I was really encouraged by that. I hope that Karmen's mom has the support she needs and having them all show up was a positive sign.
The caseworker said that Karmen did great with them and that she was really upset when the visit was over.

As far as the case plan goes, her mom will need to have a job for a steady 6 months and have a place to live where the caseworker can do a home study before Karmen can go home. Our actual caseworker wasn't there so we are not sure if her mom already has a job or not and if she does, how long she's had it. We will get more information when we have our monthly visit with our caseworker. I am trying to remember to jot down all these questions I have while they are fresh in my mind.

Karmen is still doing really well.
She is cutting her top tooth so she was really whiny this morning. Plus Andrew is home today so that always throws our schedule off a little.
But having Andrew here probably saved my sanity since he was able to take Josie out to run some errands this morning while Karmen napped to give me a break.

Since her nap she has been happy and enjoying playing outside. She loves the Mei Tai Carrier so that is going to be a lifesaver too!

That's all the updates for now. I don't expect to have any more information until our meeting with the caseworker. We are going to spend this afternoon getting all her clothes put away and storing all the things that she isn't going to need here.


Betsy said...

I really admire you. What an important calling you have.