Pope Park

The swing set is up and ready for action!
After 4 days of having wood pieces scattered all over the driveway, I was starting to wonder if we had gotten in over our heads with this project.
Not that Andrew or I were of any help during the construction!
Our neighbor/landscaper/renter offered to put it together and work it into his master plan for the yard. I'm pretty sure he had no idea what he was getting himself into either!
We got an amazing deal on this thing. We looked them up online and they go for $1000 more then what we paid.
Andrew and I both agreed that we would have been pretty upset if we had paid that much money and then had to put it all together.

So here is our yard before the swing set was done.
I wish I had taken some pictures from before Terry built the rock wall, but I don't.

It took 4 guys to build and then 6 guys to get it into place. Josie better play on this for a really long time!Josie tried so hard to be patient. We spent the day over at the Glover's on Friday and when we got home, the swing set was in it's rightful place!
It looked so good!I thought that Terry was going to put 2x4's around it to give it it's own little area. I should have known better! He made a form for it out of rocks and gave it a really cool shape.That's Mr. Terry showing Josie how it all works. I'm pretty sure he earned his way into a special spot in her heart now!And the look on Josie's face made it all worth while!It's pretty much done now. He has just a few more safety features to put on and then it's ready for business. We decided to leave off a few things. It's supposed to have a door and a mailbox and a door bell for the fort, but it closed it in so much that we told him not to bother. And it's supposed to have a little picnic table but that was in the way of the swings.
And then we flipped the slide so that we could see her from the porch. Not to mention the end of the slide was a little too close to the rock wall on the other side!Tomorrow we will fill the sand box under the fort with rocks and put up her baby swing. It really is gorgeous. I think I like it just as much as Josie does!

The rest of the landscaping should be in by the end of the month. Terry went over it all with us and it is going to be pretty amazing. We're getting flower bed islands, a coy pond, a stone stairway up the hill and sod!

I'm pretty sure this guy was sent straight from Heaven!


Brooke said...

Looks great! T would have a grand time playing on it with Josie if we were neighbors :)

I would like to have a Mr. Terry of my own!

Amber said...

Good choice on moving the slide. It looks better on the other side. I'm sure the kids are going to love it!

Kayla said...

It does look better on the other side. I bet Josie is super excited!