Meet Our New Neighbors...

We have known for a few weeks that we were going to get a few new neighbors.
Yesterday afternoon, while JK and I were playing outside, we heard them starting to move in.
We didn't want to be nosey neighbors, but they were talking so loud we couldn't help but ease drop.
After much discussion, we decided to wait a few hours before we brought them a "Welcome To The Neighborhood" basket.
So as soon as Josie woke up from her nap, we hiked up the hill to introduce ourselves.
Everyone, meet our new neighbors...Yup! Goats!
Three, fuzzy, adorable, grass eating goats!
They are the so funny to watch! Josie loved them and was pretty sad when we had to pack it up to head out for church. We've already made a few visits today to say "Hello!"
And a slightly louder addition? Chickens!Our little girl? No way is she a city girl!All she needs are some overalls and a straw hat and she'll be set!
I can't wait for all the little kiddos to come over and see all the animals! We now have cows (and lots of baby cows right now!), horses, chickens, and goats all on our driveway! And we don't have to clean up after any of them!

Mr. Terry is out putting together the awesome swingset and playhouse right now. It's way bigger then it looked at the store!
And it came in about 3 million little pieces and no pictures!
Mr. Terry deserves a Sainthood for this one!

I'll post pictures as soon as they are done!


Betsy said...

Oh...I wish we could come play. Jack would LOVE that.

Kayla said...

I love baby goats!!!!!!