25 Months Old!

I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to stop counting her age in months now, but I'm just not ready for that, so you'll just have to do the math!
Our sweet Baby Boo is 25 months old now!
With all the vacationing and life change this past month, I didn't even get a chance to really enjoy her at this age! Or maybe I got to enjoy her more then ever?!?
Here are a few tidbits from her 25th Month!
  • She is still a tiny peanut! Weighing in at 21.8 pounds and measuring right at 34 inches.
  • While she is on the small side, her head measured in the top %!
  • Playdoh is a part of her daily life! She will sit at her table and roll for about an hour before she moves on to something else. Her favorite creations: Boys (oh Lord help us!), snakes, and fish.
  • She also loves to paint. Finger Paint, Watercolors, you name it. She is her Grandpa's Granddaughter all the way!
  • She says a lot of stuff backwards; "Thank you, No" (No Thank You), Boxed Juice (Juice Box). I think it is adorable!
  • Speaking of saying things, the kid doesn't stop saying things! She talks from the moment she wakes up until she falls asleep! Most people don't understand a lot of it, I can interpret pretty much all of it. And watch what you say around her, she has turned into a parrot!
  • She has forgotten all her colors. I'm not really working on it with her though.
  • She knows and can recognize A, B, and C. We are adding a letter every week. But she honestly isn't interested in it right now so I am not pushing it. There's plenty of time to learn colors, numbers, and letters!
  • She is really athletic (unlike her mommy or daddy!). She jumps, twirls, and rolls constantly! She also can kick a ball right to a goal and throw directly into our hands!
  • The question of the month: "Wasss Tha??" And she asks it about EVERYTHING repeatedly!
  • She also wants to know "Whos Tha??" but she waits to ask that one until the person leaves!
  • We love the way she says, "YEA" instead of "Yes". So cute!
  • She is totally possessive of Andrew. She says he is "Her Man!" and "Her Daddy!" I tried to tell her that he was my man first, but she isn't buying it! Andrew tells her she has to share him with me, but I think he is secretly hoping she never outgrows this stage!
  • She loves to put her babies in time out.
  • She would live outside if I let her! Throwing rocks, digging weeds, driving her car. Oh, and playing with Everett's outside toys?!?! Heaven!
  • We just went down to one nap a day and she's doing pretty good with it. I try to get her down by 1 and she'll sleep for about and hour and a half. She is more then ready for bed when 8 rolls around!
  • She is also eating a little better. The doctor told me not to worry about it and just let her eat what she wants. I am partially following this. If I let her eat just what she wanted to I'd have to buy stock in M&M's!
  • Speaking of M&M's, potty training is good then bad, good then bad. Sometimes she can't wait to sit on the potty, other times she screams bloody murder when we mention the dreaded potty. She has been going at least once a day on the toilet and she pooped in her potty again on Friday night! Tomorrow we start "Potty Training Boot Camp." If she doesn't get more interested after my master plan, we're going to lay off for a month.
  • She can't lie. When she does something she's not supposed to she comes right up to us and shows us. I hope this lasts forever!
  • Lastly, she has become quite the manipulator. If Mommy says no, she'll go ask Daddy (or Nanny or Amy or whoever else she thinks is most likely to give her what she wants). And when she finishes her reward M&M for trying to go potty, she will frantically yell "Potty!" like she has to go in an attempt to get another M&M. While it's cute, we are seriously working on getting rid of this behavior.

We love you baby girl! I can't wait to see who you become over the next month!


Kameron said...

Daddy gave Nathan a lolipop the first time he used the potty so now he yells pee pee toilet and runs in there and sits down, only to say lolipop, even when nothing happens!! I love keeping a record of him by the month,. I know I will look back on it and be so happy because I will have forgotten the little details of him!

Brooke said...

I also am leaning towards staying with monthly updates....I said I wouldn't, but so much happens in a month and I don't want to forget all the cute things.

And OMG, T totally says "What's that? What's that?" (repeats it twice each time she says it) about a million times a day! I think it's the cutest thing in the world.

Nicole said...


Josie would be so cute for a dance contest that I am promoting. If you enter her in the contest she gets a chance to win a bedroom makeover.

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Kelli said...

New to your blog and oh my your little girl is just adorable. My sister is adopted to that is something that is close to my heart.

Kelli said...

Thanks for stopping by! Right now I'm doing Bible Study Fellowship (we are studying the life of Moses), Crown (which is a financial Bible study), and 1&2 Timothy with my Small Group. I hear though that the Beth Moore Ester study is wonderful!

Kelli said...

OK, last thing. I was reading through some posts and your story is amazing and so adorable. I was also there when one of my best friends gave birth and it was one of the most amazing experiences. Wow!