Arizona - Day 5

Happy Valentine's Day!We had a fun day full of love yesterday!
Josie woke up to a Valentine's Day balloon from her Opa!
And when Mae Mae decided to wake up, she had another surprise! She had to hunt for it because it was hidden.There he is! Here she is all dolled up for Valentine's Day!I've been trying to get a family picture. It hasn't worked out so well yet!
Even if she would have cooperated, my hair is a hot mess! I was about to leave to go have it colored and cut.Josie's new favorite food? Salad!
She's been tearing it up these past few days.We made cupcakes for Josie's princess party. They were cooling off on the counter while we cleaned up the kitchen.
All the sudden we heard a "Mmmm!" Josie had stolen two cupcakes and was chowing down!
If she could have kept quiet she would have escaped without us catching her but she just couldn't resist letting us know how good they were!Andrew and I are taking full advantage of the free babysitters!
We went out again last night for dinner. It was super yummy!
Right before we sat down to eat the Gang Task Force came in and took a guy out. Then there were about 15 security people walking around the mall area talking on walkie talkies. It was pretty exciting!
And there was a girl whose shirt was so low you could see her whole boob area. And I do mean whole boob area!
Dinner and a show. Who knew?!?
The scenery is so amazing out here. And the lighting is perfect for romantic pictures.I love this man. Even if he did make me walk 3 miles home instead of just calling my mom to come get us.
He did not obey my "no exercise on vacation" rule.
I got the greatest Valentine's gift.
A guilt free Starbucks! Thanks Baby!We got home just in time to join in a game of Peanuts with Suzy, my mom, Emma, and Nancy. I don't think I've laughed as hard as we did last night for a long time! My family is full of some crazy women!
The games get really serious tonight now that my other Aunt and Grandma are here! Before the end of the night someone will be bruised and I think there's a good chance Emma will wet her pants before it's all said and done!


Kameron said...

Sneaky Josie!! Nathan would have given himself away too! :o) Your hair looks great by the way. i need mine cut and colored, but I cut that out of the budget. Hmm, maybe after I get my bonus check!

skywalker9 said...

Cute outfit! Did you make the babylegs? I'm hoping that you got my email about that...:)