Arizona - Day 12

Today we went to the Parada Del Sol (Parade Of The Sun) Festival.  
It is a huge parade made up mainly of horses and cowboys.  The weather was perfect for a morning parade!
Josie didn't take her eyes off of the street until the very last horse passed!
Aaron and Katie!
The parade started right at nap time so every once and a while Josie would totally space out!  
She was a trooper all day.  We were so busy having fun that we ended up missing both naps. The only time we could tell she was sleep deprived was right before bedtime when she got a little wild.
After the parade, we walked over to my Aunt Robbin's for some pizza and swimming!
We spent the whole afternoon over there having a great time.  
My Aunt and Uncle leave for Minnesota tonight and my Grandparents and other Uncle are leaving in the morning for Mexico, so this was our last get together.  Boo.
There was a lot of pizza eating followed by some ice cream.  Not exactly bikini eating, but oh well.  Luckily we're all family so it's OK if we gain a little weight!
Josie all but passed out on Aaron while she was eating her ice cream!
Here's Josie, eating another orange!
Tomorrow we don't have any plans.  I'm going to get in some tanning time and hoping to finish up the shopping I want to do while I'm here.
I can't believe it's almost time to go home!  I miss Andrew like crazy and am seriously concerned that Amy is going to have the baby before I get home so I'm about ready to head back.  
I just wish I could pack all my family (and this Arizona weather!) in my bag!


Crystal said...

So glad you're having so much fun!

Josie seems to be a famiyl favorite and who can blame them..LOL!

I'm sure you do miss Andrew..been there before and it's hard to be totally happy on vacation with out your other 1/2!