Arizona - Day 11

We had a blast at the Phoenix Zoo today!
Josie was a great age for the zoo now that she knows her animals so much better then she did last year.  I think next year will be perfect.  
It was hard for her to walk much and she couldn't see a lot of the animals from her stroller so there was a lot of in and out, but she had a great time.
We ate lunch as soon as we got there, but she was chomping at the bit to get out to see the animals!
The giraffes came so close!  It was awesome!
A lot of the animals were sleeping because it was so hot out, but we did get to see quite a few roaming around.
The Red Butted Monkeys (pretty sure that's not the scientific name!) were a crowd favorite. They were just hanging out posing for everyone!
It was super warm so we took quite a few breaks.  We got to watch them feed the Zebras.
Of course Josie's total favorite wasn't even a real animal.  It was this stone turtle!  Glad we paid $20 for her to sit on a rock!
We had to ride the carousel before we left!
By the end of the afternoon, we were pooped!
After a short, 30 minute nap Josie helped Mae Mae pick out some lemons that the neighbors had just picked.
We took a very tired baby out to dinner.  Not the best idea.  
But we sat in a booth with huge pillows in the corner so she had lots of room to lounge!  
And the food and wine were so good we barely noticed the whiner in the corner!