Arizona - Day 1

Ahhh, vacation.
There is nothing like waking up with nothing to do but just be.
We got up extra early (with a little help from Josie who decided to get up at 4 AM) so that we could have plenty of time at the airport to let her run off any energy before we got on the plane.
It's a good thing we got such an early start because after all the extra stuff we decided to do before we left we got to the airport just in time. We grabbed some huge coffees and breakfast and on the plane we went!
Andrew and I were so excited we could hardly stop smiling!
Josie did great on the 4 hour flight. I am pretty sure I complained way more then she did!
She only slept for about 15 minutes so that sucked, but she played with play dough and ate a million oranges and behaved like an angel.This is why I love vacationing in Arizona! The parks, the mountains, the weather.
This is the view from my mom's driveway.
That's Camelback Mountain. Andrew will climb that before we leave. I am lazy and do not think exercise is an appropriate vacation activity, so I will not be joining him!We went to my mom and Bill's house for lunch and just spent the day hanging out.
Josie was super glad to be off the plane!When my mom saw the state of Josie's nails, she decided an emergency manicure was in order!My pedicure will be done by a professional ASAP.
They live about a block from a crazy park! It has a huge lake, a walking trail, an awesome playground, a dog park, and LOTS of birds!
We walked over with some old bread to feed them.
When this one started hissing at us we decided to call it a day! Josie has a new best friend. My mom.
She won't let me do anything for her. Mae Mae has to do it all.
At first it kinda hurt my feelings, but then I realized that meant 15 days of free childcare and that I could actually finish the book I've been reading since last Christmas so I'm totally OK with her loving her Mae Mae more then me!
Case and point, see how happy she is swinging with Mae Mae?Oh the joy!Then see her face, all distorted with distress, when I try to push her?!?!Josie napped while my mom and I made dinner.My grandparents and Uncle Jay came over to eat and I didn't take one picture. Opps.
I did get a picture of me and my love dove. We are smiling because we have gone an entire 24 hours without talking about Waffle House!Oh, I'm being called to breakfast.
One that I didn't lift a finger to cook!

I love vacation!


Betsy said...

Sounds like so much fun. I love to vacation but I never go visit my mom because she lives down the street...sometimes I wish I could go visit her...sounds like fun!

Kameron said...

You are making me so jealous for some warmth!!! I can't wait for your trip to California now!! I am not looking forward to Natey and an almost 6 hour plane ride, but maybe I'll bring the Playdoh!!

bri said...

ahhhh sounds nice!

I have taken a dozen pictures of Camel Back Mtn. J's Nana lives in Mesa AZ and we used to fly there often. Now she has a getaway cabin in Lakeside/Pinetop AZ that we go visit with her instead.
Aren't the parks around there just beautiful! I love it there.

Enjoy your vacation time! Safe travels

Anonymous said...

this is me now-> :( and this is going to be you when your neice gets here and you are not

Cunz Family said...

I know exactly what you mean when you say 15 days free child care...Ryans parents are coming down next week and I'm pretty certain I wont have to do anything to care for Tommy, they will take care of that! Does your mom still have a house in MN or is this their winter home?

Lani said...

I am so glad you are having such a great time and even happier to hear Josie did SO AWESOME on the plane. I didn't even think about bringing playdough, I will definately have to add that to her dora back pack for the plane!