Whip It Up Wednesday

I am completely in love with The Dirty Work. It's a blog that focuses on practical ways to be greener and love on the environment without being all crunchy and gross.
Her tips are SO easy to follow.
I decided to start making my own cleaning supplies to help us lower our ever tightening budget and I found all the "recipies" that I needed on her site.

I spent a total of $5 on a big bottle of vinagar, a bottle of lemon juice, a spray bottle, and some baking soda and was able to make a big spray bottle of cleaner plus have lots of supplies left over for when I need to make more. That's a huge savings compared to $5 per bottle for each cleaning supply I used to buy.

It was a little hard to feel super clean without that chemical smell, but I know that our grandparents cleaned just fine before ole Mr. Clean came around!

Every Wednesday she does "Whip It Up Wednesday" and it's awesome!
So I'm stealing, well, let's say borrowing, her tips so that you guys can try them out too!

I used this recipe for my cleaner that works great for disinfecting the bathrooms and kitchen :

Fill a spray bottle almost to the top with vinigar (distilled vinigar won't smell quite as strong) and top off with lemon juice. This one was great for cleaning the glass too.

Yup that's it. Easy peasy!

Then I cleaned my toilets by adding a little vinager to the water and sprinkling baking powder on the bowl. Then I just used the brush like usual. Sparkley clean!

Head on over to The Dirty Work to get more tips. You can look through her archives if you want all the cleaning recipies.


Crystal said...

I'm gonna check it out! Thanks!

bri said...

nice... and it is chemical free too so CPS will really appreciate that on their little walk throughs. You know in case our cabinets get unlocked sometime seeing that Bear removes the locks from them most days. Sad when he can get into the childproof locks!

Thanks for the tips!

Brooke said...

I've been wondering about natural cleaners.....do you feel, really feel, that things are as clean as with the products you buy at the store? What about when you work with chicken in the kitchen? I'm always worried about all the bacteria and want to ensure my cleaner will kill it. Help!

Kameron said...

To ease people's minds, vinegar is just about the best thing to clean with (besides bleach) for disinfecting. Vinegar is simply acetic acid and it very effective at killing bacteria. Sorry, the microbiologist in me comes out from time to time! Another great use for vinegar is to put it in the rinse aid thing in your dishwasher. Your dishes will come out squeeky clean!