Scott's Old

Another one of our friends hit the big 3-0 this past week so we threw him a little shindig.
Complete with lots of women, some girl flashing, and beer!
So what if the women were pretty much either pregnant or had just given birth, married, or under the age of 2. And the boob flashing, necessary for Ean's dinner!
Amy got enough pizza to feed 30 people (3 MAMMOTH pizzas!) so we were a little concerned when all our husbands started to back out! Poor Scott!
The guys did come through though even if they were a little late. Andrew drove 90 to get there so he could hang out for an hour before he went back to work for New Year's Eve and Jason showed up (in shorts and flip flops!) right after Andrew did.I'm noticing a trend of our children ending up on top of the furniture at all our parties!After eating way too much pizza and dip and drinking a few too many...Starbucks that is, it got eerily quiet... Hmmm, where are all the kids?
And where's Jason?!?I guess they are starting a rock band. Jason on the guitar and Luke wanting Old McDonald to have a giraffe.
What exactly does the giraffe say on the farm?!?Auntie Amy, where's the American Cookie Company Cake!?! This is a knock off!We're so cute!I think Ean's concerned that he has to grow up with all these crazy people!
Happy Birthday Scott!
Next year we'll go out.