Herey Herey...

In the past, I have purposefully neglected to make any sort of New Year's Resolutions for the sole reason that I absolutley, positively stink at keeping any sort of thing.
I am a master of talking myself out of, in to, or around anything that I want or don't want to do. I can justify with the best of them. So I have choosen to refrain from making a liar out of myself to myself by just not making any resolutions.
Who actually keeps them anyways?!?!
But in the spirit of starting anew and expecting 2009 to be a year of greatness, I thought I'd try to make a few, realistic, goals for myself...
  1. I will finish all the projects that are half way started and have sat untouched in months.
  2. I will spend at least one hour of uninterupted time with Josie everyday. I will not spend this hour half heartedly listening to her, but will actually play with and engage her.
  3. I will teach myself that the dishes can wait and having unfolded laundry will not cause my entire world to crumble around me. Family will be more important to me then having a spotless house (or at least the illusion of a spotless house).
  4. I WILL SPEND TIME WITH MY GOD EVERYDAY! I have tried this one a million times and for some reason I always weasle my way out of it. This year is the year that I get it right and make Jesus a priority.
  5. I will contact my girlies at least 2x a month. I'd like to say that I will see them as much, if not more, but I'm trying to make this list realistic!
  6. I will take the Girls Only weekend with my BFF's that I've been dreaming about. The little babies probably won't allow this one to be a reality until the end of the Summer, but by midnight of Dec 31st 2009, we will have an album full of memories from our weekend away.
  7. I will show Andrew how much I love him. I tell him all the time, but sometimes I wonder if he REALLY knows. I want to spend quality time with him instead of just watching TV. I will reserve energy to actually be with him instead of falling asleep 1/2 hour after Josie is in bed. Andrew will be a priority.
  8. I will read at least SIX books this year and actually finish them. That may not seem like a lot, but I have 4 books right now that I am 3/4 of the way through and haven't finished. I already know what the first 4 will be!
  9. I am going to try REALLY, REALLY hard to not over extend myself. This one will probably be the most challanging for me. I already have so many ideas in my head of crafts I want to do, places I want to take Josie, parties we want to host. In 2009, I want to actually enjoy everything I do. I don't want to spend time so stressed that I can't focus or carrying around so many duplicate to do lists that I can't find my keys in my purse!
  10. I will exersise at least a little bit every other day. Oh Lord. I didn't want to write that since I'm trying to make this list realistic. I am a small framed woman, but I am seriously out of shape. I want to be toned up and have energy again!

Well, that should be a good start. I thought about limiting myself to 1 Starbucks a week, but come on, how realistic would that be!?!

Overall I think my list shouldn't be too hard to follow. Most of them can be accomplished by turning off the TV and making my priorites they way they should be...

  1. GOD
  2. Taking care of myself
  3. Andrew
  4. Josie
  5. Friends and Family (they're really one and the same)

2009, get ready for ME!!


bri said...

way to go girl... you can do it! and no I am not making one either! hahaha I know I am going to wake up to the same babbling babies new years day and it is going to be the same process just a different day. Just my attitude about it all is going to change. I do however need to commit to being MORE God centered instead of letting the day control my actions! Wow... where'd that come from. Oh yeah, probably God...hahha

I can't wait to see the pictures in Dec 09 of the girlie weekend. *smile*

Kameron said...

I like realistic goals. I don't like the term resolutions either. I made my first steps toward raining in the spending the past couple of days. I cancelled my hair apointment. Getting my hair cut and dyed would have cost at least 100 bucks! The hubby wanted to go out for breakfast and I said, nope I will make it and save us money! I also ordered the Weekend paper (I know this cost money but follow me) so I can cut out coupons and get a meal plan going to minimize our food spending!