Wasn't Me...Birthday Edition!

Oh how I love my husband. I want to spend every waking second gazing at him. So surely it wasn't me who gave myself a virtual high five when he called to inform me "the guys" were coming over to play poker in the garage and he would not be available for gazing. I don't get that excited about sitting on the couch with hot cocoa and being able to watch Desperate Housewives uninterrupted!

After an amazingly relaxing weekend at my Daddy-O's house I am sure it took me longer then 30 minutes to unpack all of our bags.

I am an excellent helpmate for my hubby. So I'm pretty sure I didn't just lay in bed Monday night instead of getting up to help Andrew prepare the huge meal he decided to make (at the last minute) for the Waffle House Christmas Party. I mean, I was awake anyways and I love parties, so surely I didn't just stay in bed smelling the amazing smells coming out of the kitchen!

After smelling such deliciousness, I know I didn't rearrange my week just to ensure that I would be home to eat the meal. It was for employees and not their families and I am not technically an employee so that would be cheating!

I never once considered hiding ALL of our possessions from the employees that were coming to our house for the party. That would mean that I consider them to be possible thieves and I know full well that they are all just people like us. I'm sure it wasn't me who made it very clear that all bedrooms, upstairs bathrooms, and pretty much every room but the living room were off limits. After all, we used to be youth pastors, how much worse could these people be then the drug addicted, runaway, rebelling teens that we've had over?!?!

And after all that fretting, I know that I didn't end up having a great time getting to know all of Andrew's employees and playing games! The food wasn't delicious, the guest weren't gracious, and it did not make me feel all Christmassy inside!

Andrew and I decided way before Josie came along that we weren't going to do the whole buying Christmas presents thing. Not that we are against Christmas presents or Santa, it's just she is so spoiled by the rest of the family that she doesn't need anything else from us. So I know it wasn't us who decided to take full advantage of the crazy discount on the play kitchen we've been looking at (and then put it under the tree!).

I am calm, cool, and collected. Not easily excited. So when I opened my email on Thursday and had an email from THE MCKMAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not smile from ear to ear and save the email so that I could always look at it! Starstruck?!? Who?!!? ME??? No way!!

I was not at all disappointed in the measely little joke of a Christmas bonus that I got on Friday. In this economy, I am lucky to have a job at all. And I would never have counted my chickens, or my mounds of money, before they hatched. Guess the dresser and curtains will have to wait a little longer.

While babysitting on Sunday night, I'm pretty sure I didn't post about 4 posts documenting all our Christmas fun from the weekend. Nope, I was doing educational games and baking with the wee little ones.

I did not keep Josie out past 10 PM every night this weekend OR neglect to give her a real nap on Saturday doing said Christmas fun. Nope, bedtime routine, always followed.

I'd have to check with my mother, but I'm almost positive I wasn't born 26 years ago today!


The Glover Family said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
Followed you from McMama's page a few months ago.
I love reading your blog.

Amber said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

Momma Mango said...

Happy Birthday!! :)

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

I too was starstruck after receiving an email from MckMama! Makes you feel so cool, doesn't it..LOL!

Keyona said...

Happy Birthday! I'm jealous, I've had neither a comment or email from MckMama yet...but I'm sure it's coming! :o)