Homeless Outreach

Ever since Andrew was in college he's been organizing Homeless Outreaches.
When we lived downtown we came in contact with the homeless on a daily basis and while some of them had done things to put them in the situation they were in, most of them had just hit hard times and not been able to bounce back.
It made it a lot harder to just avert our eyes when we'd see them.
We did these at least once a year with the students when Andrew was a youth pastor, but hadn't done one yet this year.
So last night, our Faith Group got together to make lunches and put backpacks together with basic hygiene products and warm winter clothes to hand out to the homeless.
I didn't get to go on this one since they were doing it at night. It's not exactly the environment you'd want your toddler in. So I was the resident babysitter for the parents that went.
We were able to make and give out 150 sack lunches and piles and piles of clothes were handed out. I'm not even sure where all these donations came from! God is so good!
Andrew said they had a hard time finding people to give things out to. The city has been trying to get the homeless out of the tourist areas (which is a good thing in my opinion) so they aren't in the same places they used to be. Plus this is the first real cold weekend we've had, so I'm sure they were seeking shelter wherever they could.
I love seeing people come together to give to those who have nothing. I don't care what your past holds, when it's cold outside, you need warmth. I hope that these people got warmth last night.