I firmly believe that there are some people that God brings into your life that will always be a part of you.
Of course, sometimes life happens.
People move away, jobs change, they grow up. But no matter what, they are a part of who you are. At some point, they helped form you.
Andrew and I have had a lot of these people in our lives, but few have had the impact that Kayla, Kayla, and Vanessa have.
You see, they were there from the ground floor of Cross Culture (our old youth group). It was the life change that they had that propelled us to keep striving for a better youth group. They inspired us, challenged us, pushed all of our buttons. Technically, they are everything that we wanted Cross Culture to represent.
Different backgrounds, different circumstances. Coming together with the common purpose of changing their generation.
I tried really hard to connect to the group of girls that came in after these three had stolen my heart, but it was really hard. I love these girls like they were my own (but I am WAY too young to be their mother!).
When Andrew and I left TPC, we knew that it was going to be near impossible to stay as connected to the girls as we had been. We ended up hardly ever seeing them. It was really sucky.
But on Saturday night we all go together for dinner.
And it was awesome.
I love that we can hang out and it really feels like no time had passed. Nessa had to go to the bathroom as we got in the car, Shex interupted Vanessa's long stories, and my Shelayla was just as sweet as I remembered.
Never again will I let a year or even a month go by without connecting with these girls.
After all, they will always be a part of who I am.