Not Me Monday!

I waited all week to be able to join in MckMama's Not Me Mondays!

It's Monday and I know that I did not do any of the following...

I did not start my not my list on Tuesday because I was in no way excited about it. I know I that I wasn't at all worried that I might forget one of the very important things that I did not even do.

After not starting my list so early I know that it wasn't me who ended up forgetting all the funny Not Me's I did, I mean, did not do.

I did not get way overly excited when my best friend's ultrasound got moved up to Thursday. It would be silly for me to be more excited then she is to find out the sex of the baby, so I'm not of course. After all, Josie does not need a little girl to play with. (FYI - IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!)

I know that I did not check my email account over 10 times last Monday to see if I had any new comments on my "Not Me Monday." That's what obsessive people do. And I am NOT obsessive. About anything. Ever.

I did not laugh out loud when I asked my 20 month old where Jesus lives and she responded, "me nose" instead of my heart! That would only reinforce such silly answers and it is entirely possible that Jesus was residing in her nose at that time since we are praying a cold off of her. I never laugh at my daughter.

It wasn't me who celebrated making it a whole week without one stop at Starbucks by, doing what else, going to Starbucks! Only a true coffee addict would do that, and I, of course, am not addicted to coffee. Especially not Starbucks.

I was not surprised at all when I opened the new non-chlorinated diapers that I bought after reading MckMama's postings about what the chlorine can do to little baby bottoms and they were, ummm, dirty looking! After all, only an idiot would not be aware that the chlorine is what makes the diapers so white!

I did not watch a Lifetime movie yesterday instead of cleaning my house to get ready for my mommy's arrival this afternoon. Lifetime movies are so silly. If I had watched one, it wouldn't have been about teachers having affairs with their middle school students. And after such an unproductive 2 hours, I surely wouldn't tivo another one for next weekend. That would be wasteful.

What didn't you do last week!?!

Both my parents are coming through over the next week so I should have lots of fun pictures for you!


Allmykids123 said...

Your blog is adorable! Found you on MckMama and wanted to drop in and say Hello!

Looks like I get to be the first comment of the day! Hooray!

Ashley Griffin said...

your daughter is PRECIOUS! And I would never do any of those things. I am ALWAYS on top of the housework!

Elaine said...

This was funny. Adorable little girl.