It Wasn't Me Monday!

Ahhhh, this stuff is better then therapy!

I did not spend 2 glorious days with my mom last week. I did not cherish every second of watching her play with Josie.

I did not fight back my tears as my daughter cried out for her Mae Mae when we dropped her off at the airport (my mom, not my daughter!). I did not think it would be too much for her if we were all crying.

I did not feed my child Waffle House 2 nights and pizza 2 nights this week for dinner. I am not that lazy after work! If I had let her eat such dinners, I would not then proceed to allow her to eat Oreos. If she did eat such a horrid snack as Oreos, I would not let her lick each one and then put them back. I would not have neglected to tell my husband about said licked cookies, and I know I wouldn't have taken pictures!

I did not bribe my child to wear her Tinkerbell TuTu to the Halloween party on Sunday with brownies. I know I didn't try to reason with her about how hard I worked on her costume, since she's only 1 and reasoning with her is crazy!

It wasn't me who fell asleep at 8:30 on Thursday night! I am a night owl. My night is just getting started at 8:30!

I did not have the crabbiest little Tinkerbell at the party last night! Not having a nap for two days does not make my child turn into a grumpypants. I did not lock my keys in my car. (Hey, at least I got Josie out before I did (not) do it!)

I know for SURE that I did not wear the same clothes I wore to bed last night to work today. That would be gross. Not to mention really lazy. And even if I were to do something like that, I know that I would have at least done my hair. (At least I brushed my teeth!)

MckMama's blog has LOTS of other blogs that just had to confess what they didn't do, go check it out!

I promise that I have some great pictures to post from the past week. I'm fighting a nasty sore throat and have been going to bed really early.


Mike and Katie said...

You have a beautiful daughter.

Kameron said...

What better way to get out of the house quickly in the morning than to wear your clothes to bed!

Hall Family in MD said...

I don't fall asleep in my clothes ever and I am never tempted to wear them the next day either =) Great post!

heidi said...

Love your list!! LOL

Happy Monday!

Ashley Griffin said...

i think that pizza, waffle house and oreos make for a very nutritious meal!!!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

I think you are just being efficient with your sleep and go approach. Hats off to you.. and to me, who employs the same approach... often! ;)

btw- we are a family also touched by adoption.. 3X over, so far. I love meeting other families with the same passion!
love your profile description!


Weeksie50 said...

I find nothing wrong with bribery.. Whatever works right.. and I bet she looked darn cute in her tutu

iheartbowheads.blogspot.com said...

wait - pizza isn't a kid food group?



Kimber said...

Love it. The cookie thing just cracked me up. I would have taken photos too.

McDowell Family said...

I thought Waffle House was a nutritious restaurant! Isn't it?