A Year Ago Today...

Blog Entry on September 21st, 2007

"I believe we are TB Free! We are going in this afternoon to have our TB tests read and neither of our shots have reacted, so I am guessing that we are clear. I managed to gather the rest of the documents we needed so that we can turn everything in at class on Saturday.Missy and I are going to paint the nursery and start to really set everything up this weekend.And Missy got her reference letter from DFACS last night. I made her promise to fill it out right away and mail it back today! I am going to call our other references and tell them that it is SO important for them to go ahead and fill them out and send them back.So now DFACS is waiting for our background checks to come back and our reference letters to come back. Then our caseworker (T) will write up our homestudy, have it approved by her two supervisors, come to our house to check the couple of safety issues that we have to address, and we're done!
I might get to go trick or treating this year!"

I can't belive we didn't even know Josie a year ago. God is so good and Josie is so amazing.