Fancy Pants

Best Dessert Atlanta was amazing! Here we are all fancied up. Josie was in a bit of a mood before we left, but luckily she did fine after we left.
And where do fancy people go for dinner on their way to a fancy event? McDonalds of course!
Of course we had our share of snafus on our way. Andrew had a last minute meeting that made us have to leave the house a little later then planned. We were supposed to be at the church in Buckhead to take a shuttle to the estate by 8pm so that we would be there in time to give a small presentation about our adoption and how Faith Hope Adoption helped us. So we ended up getting to the church a little late, but still OK on time. Then as we were driving to the estate, the shuttle just cut off right on the road! It took 20 minutes for the new shuttle to get us.
So, by the time we pulled up to the estate, it was about 8:45. We walked in the door and Bridgette (the woman who founded Faith Hope) grabbed us and took us up a huge set of stairs. We thought that they were going to ask us a couple questions for a new video, but instead we were informed that we would be asked the questions on a balcony over looking about 400 people! Good thing I didn't know that ahead of time or I totally would have chickened out! We did pretty good if you ask me.
The event was amazing. We ate way too much sugar. The estate was absolutely breathtaking, just like something from a movie. We met the woman who lived in the home and she was the sweetest lady. She was even getting Tupperware for some women to take home some dessert. We were glad to see that even the extremely rich use Glad Tupperware!
The dessert that won was so yummy! It was a sweet potato souffle from the Woodfire Grill. We will be going there to get it again!
They had a nice little car out front of the estate called a Maybach. If you look below you can see the price sheet in case you would like to pick one up.Yup... $391,000!!!!! FOR A CAR?!?!
I hope that Faith Hope was able to raise all the money they were hoping for. They are so great and I can't wait for the event next year!