Pasta Weekend!

We had a great weekend! It was so nice to have Andrew home with us for the whole time. I must say we were also very productive around the house. Josie and I weeded my flower beds on Friday night. She was so funny copying me! She did great until she got bored pulling weeds and began to throw pine straw in my hair! That ended our weeding session pretty quick!She is so sweet!We cleaned all the bathrooms on Saturday before everyone came over. Her newest fascination...pulling sheets of toilet paper off the roll.
This is how Josie helps do the dishes. She loves the bubbles!Could she be any cuter?!?
The pasta party was a huge success. It's fun to have our friends begin to be friends with each other. This time the guys ended up inside and the girls sat outside. It was nice to have some girl time! And the food...AMAZING! Our friends sure can cook!Poker lessons. Andrew informed me that he is now ready to go to Vegas and win us some money.I had to take a picture of Darlene's dessert! SO GOOD! I was really bummed that there wasn't any left over.Darlene and I found this apron in a box of Maw Maw's sewing things. Obviously it is way too big, but I am going to put it in her pretend kitchen for her to use. This is a very special apron to me. I love that Maw Maw made it with her own hands.Amy tried to bribe Josie for a kiss all night. Little did she know that Hard To Get is Josie's favorite game. The more you ask, the funnier it is for her to say no!Andrew left last night for his final training classes. He has to stay up in Norcross for all the testing. I know he will do great and we can't wait to be done with training. Hopefully I will be Mrs. Top Waffle by the end of the week!
With Andrew gone, I had to find a way to entertain Josie so I could clean up the kitchen. So I gave her some yogurt. As you can see, we still need to work on how to actually use the spoon!She is still having a really hard time sleeping in her own bed. I'm not sure what's going on, but she'll sleep if we're holding her, but screams as soon as we put her down. I'm hoping it's just a phase. But she is pretty sleep deprived since she has been staying up past 10 lately. I guess I wasn't entertaining enough at dinner last night!When I finally did get her down to sleep last night I managed to whip out a new outfit. I love sewing! It needs a couple adjustments, but it should be perfect for the Family Reunion in August!