4th of July!

We had an awesome 4th of July! We spent the entire day with our best friends and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect way to celebrate! Andrew had to work the first part of the day, but he was able to join us right after we left the pool.
Josie and I went to the Hampton parade in the morning. It was pretty much a bunch of politicians in convertibles, but hey, they gave out candy and there was a horse, so Josie was happy.She was so happy to have a sucker!Our All American Sweetie!ooooo, horse!
After the parade we headed over to Nana's to meet up with the Benefeilds and the Glovers to swim for a few hours.Amy's Boys!After we swam we went back to our house to cook out and hang out until it was time to go see fireworks. Even Boomer got in on the fun!This golf set is the new hot toy at the Pope house!
We decided we needed an ice cream treat before the fireworks! Andrew ordered a large and I'm pretty sure they gave him the entire bucket of ice cream. Needless to say, he had a sore tummy.We watched fireworks at the Griffin City Park which was way nicer then I was expecting. Who knew there was a golf course in Griffin?I love these girls more then they will ever know. (Little Ean too!)The Pope's!The Benefeilds!The Glover's!The loves of my life.Josie and Everett are so cute together!She follows him around! Best buddies!Sparklers!
The kids all loved the fireworks! It was great day and I'm already excited for the next holiday!
Saturday and Sunday we just lounged around. We went out to Lake Jackson to see the Hubbard's on Saturday, but my camera was out of battery so no pictures. Sunday Josie and I went for a walk to pick flowers and see the cows. That about sums up our weekend!