A Restful Weekend!

My mom had a layover on Friday night so Josie and I went to spend the night at her hotel. Her flight didn't get in until 8 so we went shopping at Babies R Us and Target before heading up to the hotel. It was fun. I like shopping with her, except she is beginning to reach for everything and wants me to put stuff in the cart. I think she may be a little too spoiled!
My mom didn't get to the hotel until about 8:30 but Josie was just playing in the lobby so we didn't mind waiting. The ladies at the desk tried to bribe her with chocolate chip cookies, but she didn't go for it. What's with everyone trying to give my kid sugar?
I guess the excitement of seeing her Mae Mae and being in a new place got her all wound up because she laughed, cried, screamed, smacked, threw her paci, and everything else imaginable until about 11pm. When she suddenly stopped moving and started snoring, my mom and I were scared to move. Luckily she was out and slept until 8 the next morning.
She watched a little Sesame Street while we got ready. She doesn't ever watch TV, but she was pretty interested in the show. As you can see, she didn't take her eyes off of it!Then we went for a walk to a little coffee shop and then had breakfast at a diner. It was good and Josie ate more eggs then my mom and I did. She likes breakfast like her Daddy! All that eating made her tired and she fell asleep on the way back to the hotel.She looked like a tiny baby in the big king size bed with all the pillows! She's so sweet!My mom tried to fit her in her suitcase so she could take her home to Minnesota. Unfortunately, she just went through a little growth spurt and we couldn't get the zipper closed. I guess she's stuck in Georgia.When my mom left we decided to go hang out with the Glovers. Jason had class so Tiff and I took the kids to Conyers for a little bargain shopping. They were so cute in the backseat. Everett kept trying to hold Josie's hand and she couldn't figure out why he was touching her! He was not pleased when she fell asleep on the way home either!Andrew had his trial weekend managing the WH in McDonough. He absolutely loved it! They told him he has the job so hopefully he will get the offer today. We found out he won't have to work every weekend until he is done with training so it looks like Josie and I will have our man friend for awhile longer!
We don't have any big plans coming up. We're just getting back to life as usual.