Yea to Fridays!

She couldn't be any cuter!
We are going to get some professional pictures done tomorrow. Darlene found an ad for a woman looking to grow her baby portfolio so she's going to do the shoot for free. Works for me!
Her molars have been giving her a hard time this week. Three of them are in, but the top left one is taking it's sweet time. My poor baby hasn't been eating anything and has had some interesting diapers! She seems to be eating again today so that's good!
Andrew and I have a few things in the mix that may allow me to stay home with Josie within the next month or two. We are really praying for God's provision and guidance while we make these choices. We are going to start an at home daycare. I am getting my license now. I would only keep 3 or 4 children so the care would be very personal. Right now I am trying to get the word out and find the children that I will be keeping. I talked with my boss about it yesterday and they were very supportive. It's still not a definate yet, but looking more and more like it will happen everyday. I would absolutly LOVE getting to be with her more then two hours a day. I just feel like we waited too long and prayed too hard to have someone else raise her.
Keep us in your prayers as we try to figure this all out!