The Stair Master

Our little lady is now ready to climb Mt. Everest! At least that's what it seemed like when she figured out how to climb the stairs! I can't believe how fast she learned! It was her first time standing on them and up she went! She was pretty excited about her new talent. Luckily, she sticks pretty close to us around the house so she doesn't try to do it without us right there, but I'm sure those days are coming.
I can't believe she is going to be one in a week! Now I know why moms count their kids age in months even after they turn one. I'll still be counting her age in months when she's 12! We are having a small party for her on Saturday and then we'll do dinner on her actual birthday. The day after her birthday we go to sign the adoption paperwork and then we leave on Thursday for a long vacation to Arizona and to Texas! What a fun birthday week! I will have a billion pictures to post over the next week, so come back often!


EVERETT said...


My daddy will be unable to be at Josie's party :( He has a school test...but I will be there!