Snow in Georgia!

If you've never lived in the south you may not think that a little snow is a big deal. However, even the suggestion of snow causes a mass panic in Georgia. The first year I lived here we had about a centimeter of snow that lasted about 1 hour before it melted away to a 60 degree sunny day. Even though that was all the snow that we had, the front page of our local paper said, "Snow Blankets McDonough Square." The picture made me laugh out loud, you could still see the grass and the benches were void of any snow. Of course, I cut out the article and sent it to my mom so they could have a good laugh. These people don't even know what a real snow storm looks like. I remember the Halloween that we got 6 feet of snow during the school day and we had to stay at school until like 6pm before our parents could even get there to get us. That was some snow!
Although I did not feel the need to run to the store last night to stock up on bread, milk, and toilet paper like some of my good friends (I love you guys!), I did get excited enough to take pictures of the snow on my way home from work. I had plenty of time to do this since everyone felt that it was too "slick" to drive over 25 mph.
Snow and Ice did end up sticking for a little while, which is pretty rare for Georgia. The roads were totally clear this morning and much to Sara and Sydney's disappointment, the schools were open. Today will stay in the 40's, but we should be back in the upper 50's by the weekend. It is fun to get a little snow.
Josie slept right through the blizzard. The meeting with our caseworker wore her out, even though it was only 15 minutes. She gets really upset when Tanya is at our house. I can't believe that she could remember the day she spent in the DFCS office, but there is no other reason for her to get so worked up around her.
We will be going to the DFCS office on Feb. 12th (my Daddy's birthday!) at 3pm to sign all the adoption paperwork!!! Then we should get our hearing date shortly after that!! Andrew and I were talking about how cool it will be when she is an official Pope! I don't think I've really thought about how it will feel for it to be a done deal, to not have to ask permission to take my daughter out of the state or to a new babysitter, but it is going to be amazing. I think it's finally sinking in that I have a daughter. Not just any daughter, but the most beautiful, perfect, absolutely amazing daughter. I can't wait to spend forever with her.