Butterflies and Molars

We are back from our weekend trip to Florida! We had a great time with my Swamp Family. The drive down was pretty easy. Missy and I talked and sang the whole way and Josie whined, but not too loud so it was OK. We got in at about 11 or so and Josie was still roaring and ready to go so we had her do all her tricks. She is turning into quite the show boat!Yup, here's her on her way to get her ball! She can do it all by herself! I think she still forgets that she can do it sometimes. Last night I was doing laundry and she was following me from room to room! She's a bit slower then me so I had to stop and wait for her or she would get discouraged and give up. She looks like a little robot when she's crawling, it's funny.Grampa helped Josie work on her fast pitch for softball. You know, that's coming up in about 10 years! She did pretty good. She kind of throws it off to the side so we had to face her the wrong way to get the ball to actually go to him! Oh well, she'll get it.She also had her first taste of pizza. And not just any pizza, Satchel's, otherwise known as the BEST pizza EVER! She's a huge fan by the way!We wrapped up the day by going to the Butterfly Garden. It would've been cool if it hadn't froze the week before and killed 3/4th's of the butterflies. We were able to see a bunch come out of their cocoons and some that had just dried their wings and were starting to fly. Josie thought they were pretty cool. It'll be really fun to take her back here when she can walk around in the gardens and I can get great pictures!
So now we're back for a busy two months. We have retreats, birthday parties, dinner parties, the circus, a trip out west, plus a very important first birthday to celebrate! We're also praying that we get a court date to finalize her adoption in early March. I cannot wait for it to be official! Not long now!
Andrew took her in to the doctor this morning because she has been coughing and couldn't seem to shake it. Well, it turns out she is perfectly healthy, she's just getting ALL FOUR molars at the same time! Great. Actually, she hasn't been crabby at all. She's such a good baby. But that's what is causing her drooling and ear tugging and mucus draining self. It's nothing a little TLC and time can't cure.