11 Months Old!

Our little ladybug is 11 months old today! Who told her she could grow up so fast?!?
This month has been so great. She accomplished more new skills and made us laugh non-stop! She is now a proficient crawler when she wants to be. Her teacher at school told us that she is crawling all over the place there, but when she gets home she's ready to be our little baby again, which is fine with us! She's also pulling up pretty well now. She can get to her knees with no problem but it takes a little more work for her to get to her feet. She's still bad about just letting go of what she's holding on to and free falling, she thinks that's the most fun thing to do! Uh Oh, a dare devil like her Daddy! Her other major change is that she is LOVING table food! Tiffany gave me a great website with recipes for finger foods that have ingredients that are safe for babies. So now I'm a cooking fool! I made her baby meatballs last night for her lunch today. They smelled so good, I almost brought them for my lunch! She'll eat some baby food still, but she is all about feeding herself. My goal for this weekend is to start giving her her own spoon to let her start learning that skill. She does well with utensils if we help guide it, but sooner or later she'll have to do it herself. Bring on the paper towels!
Her 1st birthday party is well on it's way. We decided to have a small party with family since her adoption party will be so soon after her birthday. That will be a huge party! I went and picked up all the plates and napkins and cups as well as a special ribbon and hat for her to wear. Her birthday outfit is all picked out. Now all I need to do is get Andrew to finish the invites and decide how I'm going to get fun cake eating pictures without giving my baby sugar! That should be interesting!
We have our monthly meeting with our caseworker next Wednesday at 5pm. I spoke with her earlier this week to get an update on the process to finalize and she told me that we will sign all the paperwork next month after her birthday and then the attorney will set up our court date. She assured me that we would have enough notice to get family that can come in town. We're still praying for March. After all, I did just get her the cutest dress to wear to the hearing so the date needs to be before she grows out of it!