Yup, Josie said her first words last night and much to my delight it was... MAMA! I'm not sure if she knew what she was saying, but she looked at me and said Mamamamama. Once we clapped and laughed, it was her new favorite thing to do to get us smiling!
We met with our caseworker last night and everything still looks really good. There has been no word from the other foster family which is great news. She told us the longer Josie is in our home, the less likely a judge would be to move her if they did file a petition. We are still waiting for the TPR to be filed at the courthouse. Once that happens, we wait 30 days and then she will be legally free for adoption. Then we will file our Intent to Adopt paperwork. She will have to be in our house for 6 months before we can finalize, so that puts us right at the beginning of March! When we were going over all the paperwork for our foster parent contract it was cool because she kept reading certain parts and then saying, "well, she'll be yours by then so that doesn't really apply." Ours. That sounds so nice. I can't wait for it to be official!
Andrew's mom is going to pick her up from daycare around 10 this morning and spend the day with her.
If this rain would let up, we'll be taking our family pictures tonight. Tomorrow is a family day, then on Sunday, little ladybug gets to meet her Grandpa and her Great Grandparents! That is going to be so much fun! Plus, she has another shower Sunday afternoon. On Wednesday, my mom and step dad will be flying in to meet her too! It's going to be a busy couple of weeks!
I can't wait for Halloween! Josie is going to be...what else, a ladybug! We're going to go Trunk or Treating at the church and we have a Halloween party at the Glover's house the night before Halloween. It's so fun to be invited to the parent events!
I will have lots of pictures to post this weekend! Our nice camera is in the shop, but should be back next week!