Grandpa's JoJo

So the Glover's are AMAZING photographers! You'd have to be to get a little girl with a cold and her two non-photogenic parents to look this good! We had so much fun and I am in love with the pictures. They took a ton! I am still struggling with which ones I am going to blow up for the house. I do know which one is going to be our Christmas card though! Josie does not like to smile for the camera, but that's who she is, so I think they look perfect with her little inquisitive face!
On Saturday we had a great family day! It was the first time we went and did something with just the three of us. We spent the morning lounging around and doing some much needed yard work and then we went up to Atlantic Station to walk around. Josie loves to stroll around and watch people. On the way home we found this little restaurant called the Tree House and it was so fun. It was in a little house right at the end of one of the nice neighborhoods in Atlanta. We sat on the patio and had a great meal. Josie loved it! There were a few people there with their dogs, so she liked watching them! Sunday was fun as well. My dad and Grandparents drove through so Josie got to meet them. We thought they would be there around 12 and we would visit for a bit and then Josie and I would head over to Andrew's mom's house for Josie's shower. Well, my family didn't get to our house until 3 (which is when the shower started!) so we were 2 hours late to our own shower! But it was so worth it. I don't think I have ever seen my dad with a baby, and I must say, he is smitten with Josie. It was awesome to see how much he loved her right away. And the feeling was mutual, she just stared at him and let him hold her (which is a big deal since she doesn't take to all men). It took her about 20 minutes to start really acting like herself, but once she was used to them she was hamming it up! She talked quite a bit and was blowing her spit bubbles (her new favorite!). She is one lucky baby to be loved by so many people.
Even though we were a little more then fashionably late to the shower, it was great. A lot of Andrew's extended family was there and she got some amazing things! She hadn't had a nap so I was a little worried about how she would be getting passed around, but she was laughing and talking. Everyone loved her. Darlene has these pics, so they'll get posted later too!
We are now getting ready for my mom and Bill to fly in on Wednesday morning. They will be babysitting Wednesday and Thursday so I know Miss Ladybug will be spoiled rotten! I can't wait for them to meet her!